Noyanlar Group of Companies, with its half a century of experience, provides you with all the services you need related to real estate and construction and helps you reach your needs. Take a look at the professional services we offer.

Implementing the project on site is the most important stage of every construction project. Our aim is to have the highest quality personnel who can execute the plan in the best way and control the daily work in the process from the construction site to the turnkey delivery.

We have the necessary experience and professionalism. Therefore, with the resources and capital we have, we offer construction services to our customers that set new standards in quality, value, timing and cost efficiency.

noyanlar proje geliştirme

Our company, which is one of the top level construction management service providers in the field of project excellence and construction safety, attaches importance to using cost-effective, sustainable construction methods and innovative thoughts to meet the needs of our customers.

Our architects, engineers, consultants and professional team work in integrity at all stages of the construction process. From the moment of construction to the moment of delivery, Noyanlar Group of Companies helps you to find solutions to your problems in all construction projects.

Our headquarters office, located opposite the Long Beach beach in Iskele, is always serving you.