Royal Sun Restaurants

Royal Sun Restaurants

Royal Sun Restaurant is one of the favorite places of Famagusta. It is one of the preferred taste places with its unique view and decent environment. Ala cart is one of the leading restaurants that stand out with their preferences. In addition to the most troublesome and pale-leaving delicacies, fast food snacks are also included. It is possible to find the most delicious dishes of different countries in the restaurant. Fresh and daily food and stylish presentations are among the main reasons why the place is recommended. Special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries can also be booked. It is at the beginning of different and classy places with its poolside view and stylish table designs.

Delicious Snacks

Royal Sun Restaurant is one of the places that stand out with its delicious snacks. Hamburger and pizza type snacks are made with the most natural ingredients and in a healthy way. It is recommended to choose the place for pizzas made with different ingredients, local olive oils, meat and vegetable dishes.

It is one of the most reliable taste places that serve in accordance with hygiene rules. The ones served in the form of hot or cold appetizers in the meals are extremely delicious.

Breakfast and Fast food

The restaurant also has a wide variety of fast food. Royal Sun Restaurant is famous for its variety of hamburgers, organic fresh french fries, light buttermilk and healthy and tasty snacks. Breakfast starts early in the morning and continues until noon.

Ice cream, soft drinks and cakes are among the other snacks available in the restaurant. As delicious as it is, it is preferred for its affordable snacks. It is recommended to visit the place for those who are looking for taste.

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