Noyanlar Maintenance

Noyanlar Maintenance

Noyanlar Group of Companies, which has been carrying out successful construction projects in Cyprus for more than 40 years, continues its way with an innovation that will make everyone's life easier and provide quick solutions to problems. Noyanlar Maintenance Doctor, which has been put into service as a subsidiary, produces solutions for building maintenance and repair issues.

They first started serving the area and Pier from the maintenance optimizer noyanl yenibogazici, except for general building repairs and renovations; architectural and engineering design, interior-exterior decoration, landscape design and garden maintenance, gazebo and barbecue construction, pool repair and maintenance service and take advantage of the company’s experience in areas such as it is possible to get.

Noyanlar Group of Companies, which stands out with its innovative vision in the housing construction projects it has made in the TRNC, continues this mission with the “Noyanlar Maintenance Doctor”, which it has just opened for service.

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