Noyanlar Holidays

Noyanlar Holidays is the Right Choice for Holiday

If you want to enjoy the sea, sand and pool to the fullest in Cyprus, Noyanlar Holidays is the place you are looking for with its good-humored and quality service. People are looking for a place where they can have a pleasant quality comfortable holiday, regardless of their race, language and color. If you want to relieve the tiredness on you all year round and want to listen to your head, Noyanlar Holidays is the right choice if you want to enjoy your holiday in the best way so that the place you will stay is clean and beautiful.

This place is located in the Iskele Long Beach area of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. With its historical structure and spacious clean air intertwined with nature, it serves without sacrificing quality with its friendly face. In Noyanlar Holidays, it is possible to stay hygienically with mountain view, sea view and pool view.

The rooms are equipped with cable satellite TV, bathroom shower, blackout curtains, air conditioning, private balcony, kitchen and many more to make you comfortable. The hotel offers many activities. There are tennis courts, bar lounges, pools, basketball courts, billiards, pedalo, sports center and live music and many more activities for adults and little ones and entertainment areas are available.

Noyanlar Holidays is the
Only Place to Leave with Satisfaction

As Noyanlar Holidays, customers are welcomed in a friendly way with a smiling face at the beginning. They understand their wishes in the best way and are guided in the most accurate way to make them comfortable.

The rooms, which appeal to every budget and every person, are meticulously worked on to ensure that your holiday is the most enjoyable with food services and activities. As Noyanlar Holidays, cleaning is important for you to be comfortable and have fun.

There are pools for activities to enjoy for children. If you want to have a pleasant and comfortable holiday with quality, reliable, clean, fun with plenty of activities, clean air intertwined with nature and many options, you can choose Noyanlar Holidays and benefit from these services. Enjoy your holiday with services for every budget. Noyanlar Holidays has been providing a quality service to people for years with a friendly, reliable, clean price for every budget. You can also get service from Noyanlar Holidays.

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