Noyanlar Group of Companies

More Than 40 Years Of Experience

Considering why you should choose us. Have a look below!

A History Full of Successful Projects

Over the decades, Noyanlar Group of Companies has successfully implemented its high-quality projects. Projects such as Sea Life, Long Beach Life and Royal Sun Residence are some of our projects that make our customers and investors happy.

Quality Guarantee

You can be rest assured that your project will be completed at the highest workmanship and top quality material. We also ensure that you only have competent and efficient staff members working on or for your property.

Commitment and Customer Satisfaction

Noyanlar Group is committed to the care and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to provide a pleasant experience throughout the whole purchase & development phases and meet all our customers’ expectations.

Convenience and Safety

The service we offer to our customers before and after sales, the quality and first-class materials we use in our projects are indicators of the comfort and trust we offer to our customers.

We Are The Best In Our Business

Noyanlar Group of Companies is a company with a solid reputation that stands behind the work it does. All operations are carried out in accordance with construction standards, in compliance with all necessary permits and inspections. After the transaction is completed, you will have a building guarantee that will last for many years.

7/24 Customer Service

We serve our customers not only during working ours but anytime and anywhere. Things may naturally go wrong even at unexpected times and when they do, we are there for you.

Professional Services

In order for our customers to be comfortable at all times, we offer them various services, including before and after sales.

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