Noyanlar Construction

Noyanlar Construction

Noyanlar Group of Companies, founded in 1973, provides high-quality services in all areas of the construction sector in Northern Cyprus. It is a successful family company that provides quality and reliable developments in the construction sector

. Our projects are carried out in line with contemporary building designs in a way that will provide high satisfaction.

Arken Architecture and Engineering Ltd. Dec. Ş began when the founder and veteran architect Gökhan Noyan signed many architectural projects in the 1970s and 1980s. Mustafa Noyan, an experienced civil engineer, joined the team in 1986.

Arken Architecture and Engineering Ltd, specializing in the field of architecture and engineering Dec.Şti accelerated its growth by realizing numerous housing and living space projects in Famagusta, Iskele and other regions. in 1999, with the participation of Architect Ahmet Noyan to the board of directors, construction site projects started in the Iskele region, and to date, it has expanded its ability to handle other large residential and construction site projects in Famagusta and Iskele regions.
in 2000, Noyanlar Construction realized the first construction site project in the Iskele region. 

 Noyanlar Construction provides architectural and engineering services to thousands of projects as well as contracting services. The company has signed hundreds of projects under its own name. Noyanlar Group of Companies has made more than 5,000 families homeowners and provided housing for tens of thousands of people. While continuing to provide quality services with its talented architects, engineers and customer support staff for a happy and peaceful future, it is developing its place in the construction sector every day and increasing its brand value.

Noyanlar Inşaat, a subsidiary of Noyanlar Group of Companies, organizes the rental and sale of residences built by Noyanlar Inşaat throughout Northern Cyprus, especially in the Iskele region. The company also provides services in housing & site projects, construction & contracting, architecture & engineering, construction site supervision and parceling. In addition, Noyanlar provides quality service in renovation and restoration throughout Northern Cyprus with maintenance.

The true measure of the success of Noyanlar Construction is the happiness and peace of many families who have started their new lives in the housing projects completed so far. Noyanlar Group of Companies has entered the tourism sector in addition to construction, development and real estate.

Ahmet Noyan’s wife Zarif Noyan joined the Noyanlar Group of Companies in 2000 and worked in different departments until she assumed the position of Sales Manager in 2006, successfully participated in various trainings and seminars to develop her expertise in her field. In 2010, Zarif Noyan was promoted to the position of Sales and Overseas Promotion Director and became a Member of the Board of Directors. The company has expanded from a small local office to a well-known and respected international company with branches in 7 different countries.

Noyanlar Construction is the Sunday leader in the construction sector in Cyprus. Noyanlar Group of Companies has carried out numerous construction projects with the highest quality materials and work discipline since 1973 and continues to develop new projects. While Noyanlar’s construction projects in Cyprus aim to increase its brand value, the company’s achievements over the years highlight its mission to add value to Cyprus.Noyanlar Construction, which adopts the principle of providing a pleasant experience by exceeding the expectations of its customers during the purchasing, after-sales and project development stages, considers customer satisfaction as its first priority. Noyanlar Group of Companies, a family-owned company, continues to carry out construction projects in Cyprus without compromising on quality, aesthetics and design originality.

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