Mackenzi Restaurants

Mackenzi Restaurants

Mackenzi restaurant is located at the extreme end of the Iskele beach of Famagusta city in Cyprus. There are also modern kitchens and buffets made of wood. Located on the beach of a beautiful developed pier, Mackenzi restaurant is almost addictive to its customers. Mackenzi restaurant is a beachfront restaurant spread over a very large area. A commute wants to go once again. The fact that it is at the seafront gains the satisfaction of the customers in terms of food and service provided.

Mackenzi restaurant, which is located at the seafront and on the beach, offers a great convenience to customers with a magnificent sea view and the fact that customers can enjoy the sea when coming to the beach and that the restaurant is close when they are hungry.

The venue is equipped with umbrellas along the long beach. It is designed in accordance with the beach environment with sunbeds and tables under umbrellas. There are also shower cabins for those who swim right next to the venue. This place, which is usually visited by foreign tourists, attracts the attention of locals. Mackenzi restaurant and beach cleaning is done daily and great importance is attached to cleanliness. Mackenzi always does its restaurant business with great care.

The restaurant, which produces great tastes with its magnificent menu, also attaches great importance to kitchen cleaning. The restaurant employees, who serve delicious food to their customers at the venue, also have a friendly and understanding staff. In the Mackenzi restaurant you can find delicious fish and a variety of seafood.

Especially in Mackenzi restaurant, you should definitely try squid chips. There are many dishes such as hamburger, grilled chicken, grilled meat, all kinds of seafood, meat and chicken doner, schnitzel, bakery kebab, squid, bulgur meatballs. In addition to these, they make delicious sushi that sushi lovers cannot give up. You can come to this place with your family with peace of mind and have a pleasant time and eat these delicacies.

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