İskele North Cyprus


Would you like to reside in İskele beach area?

What is the İskele region of North Cyprus known for? İskele is most known for its long stretches of golden beaches. The İskele Long Beach is without a doubt one of the most popular beaches in North Cyprus. With smooth sand, sun loungers, and beach bars, it spans kilometers down the coast. İskele also boasts of a palm-lined promenade and children's play areas. If you go north from Famagusta, you will...


Remarkable tourist attractions in İskele

İskele tourist attractions The Karpaz peninsular, which is home to very little, is located in the İskele district. That is, nevertheless, what makes İskele worthwhile to visit. You are never far from human growth when exploring the remainder of the territory. İskele, on the other hand, is unspoiled and incredibly natural, with beautiful stretches of untouched sandy beaches and a diverse range of...


İskele Long Beach region of North Cyprus is more than a beach

İskele Long Beach region of North Cyprus is more than a beach  İskele is the administrative center and district with the same name, located on the Karpaz peninsula and known for its untouched nature, which includes some of Cyprus’ best sandy beaches and olive groves, as well as ancient churches, monasteries, and ruins of ancient settlements. İskele is a great spot to visit if you want to get closer...

i̇skele weather

İskele weather

What does İskele weather feel like? İskele is a popular tourist destination where green meets blue over a 25-kilometer stretch of beach. Did you know that the slogan “You can swim for 320 days” was inspired by İskele? Almost every day of the year, tourists enjoy swimming at the İskele Long Beach. Perhaps they prefer swimming in the cold to swimming in the summer. İskele weather The...

What are the advantages of investing in İskele North Cyprus?

What are the advantages of investing in İskele North Cyprus? Would you like to live on the coast in North Cyprus? If so, the new housing projects and the numerous opportunities in İskele city will interest you. The İskele region is the first choice of individuals seeking a holiday-like lifestyle in North Cyprus. With its location, air, and distinctive Long Beach advantage, İskele has been a popular...

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